Assured Merchant Credit& Debit Card Processing

We service all industries though we specialize in the cannabis and auxiliary markets. Our added levels of security and accountability allow us to work with financial networks to provide card processing services to legitimate state licensed producers, processors, and retail locations. We offer a variety of solutions that fit any scale or vertical of business.

We create personalized payment processing solutions with the most advanced and secure equipment in the industry. Our merchants know their assets and customers are safe. Thoughtful solutions, fast and reliable service, and ease of use are just a few of the reasons why Pacific Merchant Processing Inc. is the right payment processing solution for you.

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Our Mission

Our focus is to provide fast, secure, reliable, & dependable payment solutions between our retail partners and their valued customers.

Developing long-term relationships with our merchant and banking partners allows us to provide almost real-time information and insulate our merchants from any changes in the payment processing landscape that could affect their business.